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What are the benefits of offering Leasing ?

Increased Order Values

By offering customers a fixed low cost instalment rather than a hefty outright cost makes the sale more palatable. It removes the price objection meaning that you are maximising every sale opportunity. It also enables an easier upsell; “for £1 per week more we can also include….” Therefore, your customers are acquiring the asset their business actually needs rather than having to compromise due to their budget restrictions and not receive the full benefit and value that you can offer them.

Improved Cashflow

Once we have approved your customer for leasing and received their completed E-signed document, your sales invoice is paid within 24 hours thereby enhancing your cashflow. No waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days for payment leaving you to focus on the next opportunity.

Customer Retention

By offering leasing to your customers you are enhancing your future sales opportunities too. Many customers will obtain 3 quotes from suppliers when buying equipment meaning that you have a 33% chance of winning their business. If they paid cash, then 5 years down the line when they need to change their equipment, they are likely to repeat that process meaning you still have a 1 in 3 chance of retaining their business. By offering leasing, you will have the opportunity of upgrading your customers’ equipment ahead of the assets life expectancy and well ahead of any competitor targeting your customer.
By not offering leasing to your customers you really are restricting your business and opportunity. Customers won’t know that you can offer finance unless you tell them so they could either arrange their own finance, they may pay cash, or worst of all, they buy from your competitor who did offer them finance.
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